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Ontario, CA  |  800-358-8833

At Bishamon, we have been working hard to make life easier for our customers. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, and we take pride in our ability to manufacture high-quality hydraulic lifts that are safe, efficient, and durable.

Our hydraulic lift product line includes a variety of skid lifts, pallet trucks, lift tables,...

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San Diego, CA  |  888-711-5438

American Custom Lifts (ACL) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic lifts for various industries. The company has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is known for providing high-quality lifts that meet the specific needs of its customers.

ACL specializes in the design, development, and production of custom hydraulic lifts, including car lifts, motorcycle lifts,...

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Santa Paula, CA  |  800-253-2363

We design and manufacture above-ground vehicle scissor lifts plus specialty mobile lifts. Some models are a combination of electric and hydraulic lifts. The lifting capacities of our scissors lifts are suitable for auto dealership, fleet service and general repair applications. Contact us with your needs.

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Calabasas, CA  |  800-444-3353

For over 40 years, Harbor Freight Tools has been committed to providing our customers with great quality tools at the lowest prices. Our available products include hand tools, generators, air and power tools, shop equipment, automotive tools, and many more. Harbor Freight offers more than 7,000 tools and accessories at quality levels that match or exceed competing brands, but at prices that are...

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Irvine, CA  |  800-770-6094

Material handling equipment is one line of product that McKinley Equipment distributes. Included in this line are scissor lifts, hydraulic lifts, pallet lifts, loading dock lifts and dock levelers plus hydraulic vertical conveyors for commercial and industrial applications. Contact us—we can help.

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA  |  800-579-8088

Zinko is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic products. Some products include hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and material handling equipment including pallet lifts, hydraulic wedge jacks and more. Our inventory also includes scissors jack and an aluminum jack for a racing car vehicle. Shop presses are manual, electric power and air pump operated. Call today for more information.

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Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic Lifts

A hydraulic lift is a device for moving objects using force created by pressure on a liquid inside a cylinder that moves a piston upward. Incompressible oil is pumped into the cylinder, which forces the piston upward. When a valve opens to release the oil, the piston lowers by gravitational force...

Lift Tables

Lift Tables

A lift table is a platform capable of holding materials and raising, lowering, and adjusting them to any height to meet the needs of an application and the user’s requirements. Lift tables are supported by a strong, rigid, and stable base frame placed flat on the floor, in a pit, or equipped with casters or wheels...

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are a type of manlift that is commonly used in construction and facility maintenance to raise employees and their tools to working heights. A power system and a control system make up the scissor lift...

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