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A hydraulic lift is a type of lifting machine that uses the power of hydraulic liquid to raise and lower a platform without jerks or the use of complicated elevation equipment. Hydraulic lifts are used in many industries from factory production to medical equipment. Here are a few different types of hydraulic lifts commonly used in industrial applications:
Table lifts: These lifts are designed to move a workspace to a desired height. These table lifts are often used in factories to move items from the floor to a workable level. Transportation companies also use table lifts to lift materials onto a truck bed or warehouse floor easily and without hassle or other heavy machinery.
Personnel lifts: A personnel lift is designed to lift a person to the desired height. Many electrical repair vehicles use personnel hydraulic lifts to raise the workers to the height of electrical lines and control boxes placed high in the air. Some construction and commercial cleaning industries also use personnel lifts.
Fork lifts: Fork lifts are well-known versions of the hydraulic lift. These lifts are used for moving goods around inside a warehouse or factory. They are adept at quickly moving heavy equipment from one place to another without disturbing the items or breaking any of the materials on the lift.
Medical lifts: A medical lift is used in the medical industry to help the elderly or disabled move from one place to another. Some hospital beds use hydraulic power to control the height of the bed. Other medical lifts include stair lifts and wheelchair lifts for vehicles.

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